Twitch Add Sort Order Control - Lang/Curr Links in Header

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Twitch Add Sort Order Control to Language/Currency Links in Header

This module will install sort_order into your already installed 'Language/Currency Links in Header' module and allow use of the new sort field in Admin > Localization > Currencies

The default function of the stock header_currencies is to simply print out each value found in the currency array one at a time matched to the order found in the DB [currency ID].

This doesn't allow control of display unless the ID hard code is changed. So I added a sort_order column to ensure anything using the code, title or currency ID will NOT be affected sitewide. I have also limited the data manipulation using sort to the final - currency header display only.

Key Features
The admin display sort order is ALSO the sort order used on the live site.
- That means you will see immediately the order the site will display in admin each time you update the sort order.
- Prevents duplicate sort order # problems.

Installs Into:
- Admin, Live Site

Works With:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.56c
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