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Description: This brand new module will allow you to upload up to 8 additional product images using your mobile/tablet or desktop directly from the product page. Just log into your admin, create a new product or select an existing one, when you get to the image upload area, select an upload directory and simply snap a photo with your camera or select an existing picture!

- On screen display/preview of Main Product Image + 8 Additional Images plus each image file path + filename
- Upload 1 or all 9 (1 main image + 8 additional images) at a time* to the image directory of your choice
- Upload one image at a time into separate folders within your /images directory

* Note: Some mobile devices only have the capacity to upload one image at a time, there is no work around for this type of limitation at this time.

Important Note: This module does not change or interfere with the stock Product Additional Images. I can appreciate a good legacy code but... renaming every single product image just isn't a practical solution these days.

This module was built after completing the newest Twitch Admin Product Thumbnails (TAP Thumb) as the 'next logical step'. It became too large and complex to include with TAP Thumb so, if you're looking to improve your Zen Cart experience out of the box - you can install both!

Installs Into:
- Admin, Live Site

Works With:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.56c
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