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Model: tR_AdvancedSearchPlus_155f
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This module expands the 'Search' function (header or sidebar) to Categories and Subcategories (it searches in Name and Description) and EzPages (it searches in Title and Html_Text).

It will display results below found products area and will indicate if there are no matches neither on products nor categories nor EZpages. It will show the same style for products or categories or EZpages.

Categories/subcategories are displayed in alphabetical order by Name. To be closer to intended custom ezpages structure EZpages are displayed ordered by Chapter, TOC order and Title.

New Feature
Results now display category name and path via breadcrumb display.

Optional Module Included:
- Twitch Advanced Search Log - See what customers are searching for - in an admin report!

Installs Into:
- Admin, Live Site

Works With:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.56c
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Payments Accepted - PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, E-Transfer, Cash
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