Twitch POS Basic -

Twitch Account$

This package will convert your new Zen Cart into a commercial Point of Sale system.
Developed for small business' looking for a complete solution to bridge their retail store cash register with their online shopping cart.

Twitch Account$ - Stage One - See the original live site here

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Stock Zen Cart v1.51 - FREE Twitch POS Basic Stage One - Twitch Account$
- Installed for $2,500
Stage One - Complete - Features:
- Zen Cart is used to create custom/template invoices, receive payments, provides accounting/record keeping options
Twitch Account$
- Developed to replace your store cash register.
- Works on phone, tablet and desktop with high speed internet connection/wifi.
- Turns any laptop/desktop or tablet into a ZenCart cash register.

- Works with cash/guest, retail and wholesale customers.

- Sell products anywhere you are representing your business and there is an internet connection.
- One database to manage in-store and online products, inventory and services.

- No licensing fees.
- Includes all currently available Twitch Modules.
- Available for new stock installation only.

Support Options:
- Setup Fee - New Stock Installation: Included.
- Optional Monthly Support/Upgrade/Maintenance Fee: $25/month.

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Stock Zen Cart v1.51 - FREE Twitch POS Basic Stage Two - Twitch Account$
- Installed for $3,500
Stage Two - Currently in Development - Features:
- Add on Accounting and Reporting Package
- End of day, week, month and year accounting reports
- Offline Support - solutions for no wifi/internet connection
Stock Zen Cart v1.51 - FREE Twitch POS Basic Stage Three - Twitch Account$
- Installed for $4,500
Stage Three - Currently in Development - Features:
- Multiple retail store locations
- Sales tracking
If you would like specific features built in please post your requests on the forum:

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help raise the funds needed to complete this project in a timely manner :)