Twitch CASL

- July 2014 Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
ZenCart Addon/Plugin Name ZenCart Version Last Update Original Author
Twitch CASL - 16a for ZenCart v1.54 v1.54 16a - Mar. 27.2015 Twitch - Twitchtoo Media
Finally a complete plugin with install instructions!

CASL features:

- SQL update to build complete CASL table during install now included

- Records CASL data during create account

- Records if the newsletter switch checked or not checked by admin

- Records if the newsletter switch is checked or not checked by user

- Records CASL data if record was not found

- CASL record remains even if customer is deleted - index id, date, time, agreement and ip address stored.

- SQL update to import all customers from existing databases included
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