Twitch Wholesale with Attributes

Model: tR_wholesale_attributes_155f

Retail Price $450.00

List Price: $500.00
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Installing this module will provide you with
- guest/retail/wholesale login and independent landing/index pages
- wholesale filters for product pricing, attribute pricing and display purposes
- wholesale customers switch displayed in admin, including wholesale customer actions - customers, orders, invoices, email
- base price, list price, core charges (as attributes)
- wholesale prices that calculate properly with - 'product priced by attribute' and 'included in base price'
- wholesale filters for payment and shipping

What's New
- Works with ZC default modules SaleMaker, Specials, Discount Coupons, Group Pricing.
- Product Attribute Controller Button now drills down to actual product path.
- Files included are now based on a stock 'vanilla' Zen Cart v1.54 install
- Instructions have been organized, line numbers updated for ZC v1.54

Bug Fix - Mar. 22.2015 - admin/includes/modules/copy_to_confirm.php
db SQL query order corrected pricing shift when duplicating products

Install instructions have been updated to match all modules

Search for 'SQL Update' now returns all SQL patches for anyone performing a quick install on a stock ZC.

Installs into: Admin, Live Site

Works with:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.55f
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