Twitch Wholesale with Attributes Advanced

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Model: tR_wholesale_attributes_adv_155f
List Price: $650.00

Retail Price $500.00

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Installing this module will provide you with
- guest/retail/wholesale login and independent landing/index pages
- wholesale filters for product pricing, attribute pricing and display purposes
- wholesale customers switch displayed in admin, including wholesale customer actions - customers, orders, invoices, email
- base price, list price, core charges (as attributes)
- wholesale prices that calculate properly with - 'product priced by attribute' and 'included in base price'
- wholesale filters for payment and shipping
- model displayed in checkout

Key Features
- Works with ZC default modules SaleMaker, Specials, Discount Coupons, Group Pricing.
- Product Attribute Controller Button now drills down to actual product path.
- Wholesale/Retail Attribute Pricing with Thumbnail Attribute Display

What's New
Now includes installation instructions for:
- Twitch Order Details on Checkout
- Twitch Fast Quantity Updates
- Twitch Admin Product Thumbnails
- Twitch Column Grid Layout for Product Listing with Date Available
- Twitch Advanced Search Plus
- Twitch Wholesale Account Create
- Twitch WS/RT Product Control Switch
- Twitch PO Inventory Manager

Install instructions have been updated to match all modules

SQL Updates have been separated for faster installation on NEW installs.

Installs into:
- Admin, Live Site

Works with:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.55f
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