Twitch TAP Thumb

Model: tR_TAPThumb_155f

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Professional Installation

This module will display category images and product images in a number of useful locations within your Admin. If no image exists the default no_picture.gif will display.

- Instructions re-written
- Minor admin layout updates
- Line number updates
- Minor code corrections
- No Database changes are needed

New Features!
- Images on admin delete categories page
- Images on admin delete products page

Product and Attribute Images now viewable in Admin:
- Attributes Controller
- Products Price Manager
- Edit Product (collect_info)
- Category/Product Listing Page

Twitch Attribute Button - Hard coded direct connection between the product page and any attribute that has been added.

Admin Additional Images Manager
- display on the admin product page
This does not interfere with how the core Zen additional images naming works, it just displays it for you below your main image.

Installs into: Admin

Works with:
- All Twitch Modules

Currently supporting Zen Cart 1.37 - 1.55f
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